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The Many Names of Hekate – oracle


Hekate (or Hecate) is a very ancient divinity, first worshipped by the ancient greeks. Her cult existed mainly through small altars in the home, she was linked to the moon, the underworld, and magic. Throughout the ages she has been reimagined, loved and feared, and is still worshipped by many modern witches today.

Hekate is the one who stands at crossroads, the divinity of the in-betweens. In this oracle I wanted to celebrate this aspect that I connect strongly to, reinventing Hekate as a gender fluid, many-shaped guide for all of us who are trying to find our way outside of traditional roles and binaries. I was inspired by the many wonderful epithets, a tribute to their complexity and capacity for transformation.

+ 15 cards oracle
+ 7x12cm
+ 330g smooth card stock
+ wrap around cardboard sleeve
+ explanation booklet
(english or french)

For more about the cards, follow me on instagram @lepagenovembre_tarot or visit my website!

+++ I am a small independant illustrator, everything I sell I have to order myself in small quantities, and then pack by hand ( a process which I love! I want what I sell to have this homemade feel). I strive to have everything made to the highest quality and sell for the most reasonable price I can manage. If you have any questions or request, don’t hesitate to ask! +++

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